Henry V

Henry V was a prominent King of England in the early 15th century. He was the second King of England from the House of Lancaster. His reign was short lived but he accomplished much during that short time period.

Henry V

He won an important victory against the French at the Battle of Agincourt. He was made King of France after signing the Treaty of Troyes with Charles VI of France. Henry V was immortalized as a fierce warrior king in a play written by Shakespeare.

Early life

Henry V was born in Monmouth Castle, Wales in 1386 C.E. He was the son of Henry IV also known as Henry Bolingbroke. His father was the son of John Gaunt, the first Duke of Lancaster. His father would become King of England. His mother was Mary de Bohun.

Halfpenny of Henry V

Henry V’s father was exiled by King Richard II in 1398 C.E. King Richard II then assumed the role of father and treated Henry V very well. One year later Richard II was over thrown as King of England by the army of the House of Lancaster.

At this point Henry V’s father was appointed King of England. During the coronation, Henry V was made the heir apparent and given the title of Duke of Lancaster. He would go on from here to study at Queens College in Oxford.

By 1403 C.E. Henry V had become an integral part of the English army and was instrumental in defeating Owain Glyndwr of Wales. He also participated in the Battle of Shrewsbury with his father while defeating Harry Hotspur. He would be wounded in the face during the battle but was able to recover.

In 1410 C.E. Henry IV became ill. For the next 18 months Henry V would rule England. When his father returned to good health, Henry IV removed his son from the council after a disagreement. In 1413 C.E. Henry V assumed the role as King of England.

King of England

After Henry V was crowned king, he decided to rule a unified country. He tried to reconcile differences with nobles. During this time Henry V was quick to act against any type of revolt within England including the serious situation that occurred at Lollard in 1414 C.E.

At this point Henry V went on the offensive against the French during the Hundred Years’ War. He wanted to obtain lands in Aquitaine, Maine, Normandy, and Touraine.

These were the territories gained by the French after the signing of the Treaty of Calais in 1360 C.E. Obviously, the claim by England of these territories did not sit well with Charles VI the King of France.

Henry V was a capable warrior and military leader. He gained a triumphant victory at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 C.E. and several other small skirmishes against the French. In 1420 C.E. the French had realized defeat and signed the Treaty of Troyes. The treaty gave Henry V the crown of France and he also married his wife Catherine who was the daughter of Charles VI.

However, Henry V’s health began to fail him quickly. During the Siege of Melun and Meaux he became seriously ill. King Henry V passed away in 1422 C.E. at the Chateau of Vincennes. He was succeeded by his infant son of nine months old named Henry VI.

Important information about Henry V

  • Henry V was born at Monmouth Castle, Wales in 1386 C.E. His father was Henry Bolingbroke. His father was exiled by King Richard II. One year later His father would become Henry IV, King of England in 1399 C.E.
  • He was educated at Queens College in Oxford and became the Duke of Lancaster upon his father’s inauguration as King of England.
  • When his father became ill in 1410 C.E. he ruled England until his father’s health returned to good standing.
  • Henry V became King of England in 1413 C.E. He was the second King of England from the House of Lancaster.
  • He was an accomplished warrior in battle and military leader. He was quick to squash revolts in his kingdom.
  • Henry V continued the Hundred Years’ War against France. He gained a significant victory at the Battle of Agincourt.
  • He assumed the throne of France after the Treaty of Troyes was signed with Charles the VI in 1420 C.E.
  • Henry V is immortalized by famous play writer Shakespeare.


  1. What was Henry V’s father real name?

Henry Bolingbroke

  1. What treaty with France made him the King of France?

Treaty of Troyes

  1. What famous battle did Henry V conquer the French?

Battle of Agincourt

  1. Who was Henry V’s wife?

Catherine, the sister of Charles VI