Early History of Rome

This article would help us to know how the ancient city of Rome came to be. Although, there are different stories surrounding the history.

Some people say that the city of Rome was founded by two brothers who were also known as gods in a way.

At a point they had an argument between themselves about who would be the ruler of the city.

Then, Romulus one of the brothers went ahead to kill his brother called Remus and called the city his own.

Another interesting story is that there was a particular woman called Roma who alongside a man called Aeneas and others traveled from another city called Troy.

They did that because the city fell and then they had to change location.

History tells us that when they got to the River called Tiber, Roma and other women that were with her did not want to sail further, so they ended up burning the ships and then they could not proceed on their journey.

That place where the burning occurred later became the city of Rome.

Facts about History of Rome

  • This small city that was originally on the bank of the Tiber river grew in size and multiplied greatly majorly through trade. The Tiber river provided a means of transportation for people who came to sell their goods to them.
  • Interestingly the city was ruled by seven kings starting from that man called Romulus to another called Tarquin. We should know that the Romans adopted the Greek culture and civilization. They also copied their literacy and religion and also learnt the secrets of planning how to build structures which is called Architecture.
  • The Romans did not just borrow but they also improved on the skills and ideas of other cultures. Their ability to learn from others and also improve upon it led to great prosperity for the City.
  • Did you know that apart from trade which brought great wealth for them, they also engaged greatly in wars? It is said that these series of wars led to the city to become a very powerful force.
  • The Punic wars helped to further establish Rome as a powerful city and also allowed for them to have great wealth and honor.
  • Two brothers who were also Roman tribunes in the 2nd century stood up and led a fight for their laws to be changed. They wanted the laws regarding their lands to be changed. Sadly, they died fighting but their effort helped to change things.
  • The ruling class were known as Optimates (the best men) while the lower classes were called Populares (the people).
  • A man named Marcus Licinius Crassus was the richest in all of Rome but he was not a good man as he forced people to pay certain money. When they fail to comply, he would burn their house and later send people to put out the fire. He would have ended up destroying some of their properties. Though this later led to the establishment of fire department which later proved so useful to the people of Rome.

  • Pompey, Caesar and Crassus were members of the same group. Then when Crassus died, the two that were remaining decided to fight each other. Caesar won when they fought eventually and Pompey ran to Egypt for his dear life but he was killed as soon as he got there.
  • Caesar, better known as Julius Caesar then became the most powerful man. He made the governing body at that time declare him a dictator- someone who rules ultimately and does not answer to anyone.


  • What name was given to the river that offered a means of transportation?
    Answer: Tiber.
  • List four features that the Romans copied from the Greek.
    Answer: Culture, civilization, literacy and religion were the features the Roman copied from the Greek
  • Which war helped to establish Rome as a powerful city?
    Answer: The Punic wars helped to establish Rome as a powerful city
  • What name was given to the ruling class?
    Answer: Optimates.
  • Two brothers who were also Roman Tribunes stood up to fight for the people in what century?
    Answer: 2nd century