Ancient Greek Men

Ancient Greek men were the backbone of every family and city-state in the Peloponnesus. They enjoyed a life much different than the ancient Greek women.

Ancient Greek men controlled everything in the household and in the Peloponnesus.


Ancient Greek men were usually very well educated. As young boys in ancient Greece their education included basic reading and writing, music and plenty of gymnastics.

The only boys that did not receive a basic education were slaves and boys from poorer families. The boys from poorer families worked the agricultural fields or learned their father’s trade.

Ancient Greek men were encouraged to continue their education. They continued their education by participating in local government.

Ancient Greek men debated government actions throughout their lives. In ancient Greece the only people allowed to vote were men. Ancient Greek men studied problems within the city-states and tried to fix the problems.

Military service

At the age of 18 years old many of the city-states required ancient Greek men to enroll in the military.

The city-states required a citizen army. Not only did ancient Greek men tend their professional life, they could be called to duty.

Ancient Greek men were enlisted into the army from the age of 18 to 60 years old.

Household duties

Ancient Greek men were the leader of their households. Women, children and slaves had to ask for permission to leave the house or property.

They had total control of everything within the household. If someone needed to go to the market, they needed permission. Ancient Greek men also were responsible for arranging marriages for their children.

Legal rights of ancient Greek men

Free ancient Greek men were the only citizens. No one else was a citizen including free women and children.

The only people allowed to vote in ancient Greece were men. Ancient Greek men were allowed to vote on all issues regarding problems within a city-state.

They were also the only people that could own property or a business.


Ancient Greek men had numerous drinking parties.

They were encouraged to invite other men to their homes. During these parties Greek men danced with each other. Very seldom did men and women dance together.

Parties would revolve around numerous subjects from politics to sporting events to celebrate after harvesting a crop.

Ancient Greek men participated in sporting events. The ancient Greek men invented the Olympics where only men participated.

Events at the Olympics included running, spear throwing and horseback riding as well as jumping.

Men were the only theatrical performers. Men played the roles of both men and women in the theater. Men were the people to play music and sing in the theater too.


Men in ancient Greece held a variety of occupations. Ancient Greek men were the only people that could own property or a business. Many men were farmers.

They were responsible making sure their crops were planted and harvested. Wealthy men had slaves to help on the farms. Poorer men worked their own fields along with their wife and children.

Ancient Greek men were business owners. A variety of businesses were owned by ancient Greek men.

Businesses ranged from selling clothing to fruit and vegetables to restaurants to trading goods of all types from around the world.

Spartan men

Spartan men were different than other ancient Greek men. Spartan men readied themselves for war and battle on a daily basis. Spartan boys were required to enter the barracks at 7 years old.

They would train in the barracks until they were 30 years old. The main occupation for free Spartan men was a soldier of the city-state.

The slaves and poor families worked the land in Sparta.

Spartan men owned numerous slaves. Slaves would plant and harvest crops for their masters. Although Spartan women were allowed to own land, Spartan men were the only citizens allowed to vote.

Facts about Ancient Greek Men

  • Free ancient Greek men were the only people considered as citizens.
  • They were the only people that could vote.
  • Ancient Greek men were the only people to own land or a business.
  • They received a basic education of reading, writing, music and gymnastics.
  • Ancient Greek men controlled every aspect of their home.
  • Women, children and slaves needed to ask permission before leaving the house.
  • They attended public meetings and hosted parties for other men.
  • Men and women rarely danced with each other.
  • They were citizen soldiers from the age of 18 years old to 60 years old.
  • The main occupation for Spartan men was soldier. They lived in the barracks from 7 years old to 30 years old.

Ancient Greek Men

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