Ancient Greek Culture

Ancient Greek societies liked to craft culture in everything they touched. Much of the ancient societies outside of Greece were influenced by the culture of Greece.

Ancient Greek culture was rich in texture and still influences many present day societies in many ways. The ancient Greeks were a proud people who believed in living and enhancing their lives in a variety of ways.

Ancient Greek culture was a huge stepping stone in developing Roman culture and a wide assortment of things we enjoy today.


Ancient Greek culture was centered on educating people. The ancient Greeks developed an easy 24 letter alphabet that allowed people to understand and communicate better.

Ancient Greeks were packed with knowledge because reading, writing and thinking were valued. The ancient Greeks spoke one language namely with an Ionian dialect.

With the development of an easy alphabet, education was available to everyone.

Great thinkers like Socrates, Archimedes and Aristotle taught students a variety of subjects from philosophy to mathematics to science to astronomy.

Government and legal systems

Ancient Greek culture brought upon several unique items that are still in existence today.

They pioneered with democracy by allowing all citizens the right to vote on any and all items that affected their city-state.

The ancient Greeks set-up a government with three branches, an Assembly, Council and Judicial branch, to help with checks and balances of power.

Ancient Greece developed the trial by jury system. The system allowed for people to be judged for their crimes by common citizens.

There were rules made by Law Givers such as Draco and Solon that enhanced the legal system. These rules were used with strict guidelines, thus giving everyone a fair trial.

Arts and Theater

The performing arts were huge during ancient Greece. Large amphitheaters were constructed with perfect acoustics.

The educated society of ancient Greece created many forms of theater including the comedy as well as tragedy. Playwrights like Sophocles and Aristophanes created the platform for modern day theater.

Dance and music were important in ancient Greece. They held many festivals in honor of their gods.

Each festival would be accompanied by music and dance. The two main instruments used in playing music were the flute and lyre.

Arts such as sculpting were a popular past time. The ancient Greeks built numerous sculptures depicting their gods.

The sculptures were made of marble or bronze with heavy details. The ancient Greeks were masterful at copying the human body.

Their sculptures captured the right proportions of the body in every aspect.


Ancient Greeks constructed numerous temples in each city-state to honor their gods. The Parthenon was built as a temple to Athena.

The temple features large columns which are featured on numerous present day buildings around the world. Buildings such as the British Parliament in the U.K. and the House of Representatives in the U.S.A. are classic examples of ancient Greek architecture.


The modern day Olympics are fashioned after games created by ancient Greeks. Ancient Greeks held sporting events to honor their gods or during a time of festivals.

There were several games that still are used today during the modern day Olympics. These games include the javelin throw, the shot put, the decathlon and running events like the marathon.

Facts about ancient Greek culture

  • Ancient Greeks experimented with democracy.
  • They introduced the first jury trial system.
  • Ancient Greeks developed a simple alphabet.
  • They were a highly educated society.
  • Ancient Greeks constructed large buildings supported by columns. Many present day buildings feature this same style of architecture.
  • They invented the Olympics as a festival to their gods.
  • Ancient Greeks invented new forms of theater like comedy and tragedy.
  • They were masters of depicted the perfect human body in sculptures.


1. How many letters are in the Greek alphabet?


2. Who were the two most famous playwrights in ancient Greece?

Sophocles and Aristophanes

3. What sporting event did the ancient Greeks invent?


4. What were the two main instruments for playing music in ancient Greece?

Lyre and flute

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