Ancient Egypt Amenhotep III

Amenhotep III was the great-grandson of Thutmose III and the son of Pharaoh Thutmose IV.

He was from a very strong royal family.  As a young prince, he had to learn all about the gods.

The Pharaohs believed that the gods helped to make them powerful.  The main god for the Pharaohs was Amun.

Amenhotep also had to learn the skills he would need to run the country.

Young King Amenhotep

Massive stone statue of the Pharaoh Amenhotep III. Luxor, Egypt.

When Amenhotep was 6 -12 years old, his dad died.  He was then crowned as the new Pharaoh.

Amenhotep’s mum had not been his dad’s first wife, which meant that she could not help him to rule.

Amenhotep was still very young, and he was not able to rule Egypt on his own.  In ancient Egypt, when a child is crowned as Pharaoh, they must have grown-ups around them to help them run the country.

These grown-ups were called regents, and they helped Amenhotep until he was old enough to rule.

When Amenhotep was crowned, his country was already very rich and powerful.

Amenhotep was very good at talking to people and leading the country, but he didn’t like fighting.  To keep Egypt strong, he married princesses from the nearby countries.

Amenhotep knew that by marrying the princesses from these other countries, they were then friends of Egypt.  Being friends with these other countries helped to stop any fighting.

Amenhotep’s first wife was called Tiye.  Because Tiye was his first wife, she was his Queen.  Amenhotep and Tiye had two sons and at least four daughters with each other.

Their first son, Thutmose died when he was young.  Their second son was called Amenhotep IV, and he was now the next in line to be the Pharaoh.

Amenhotep had a great temple and a lake built for Tiye.  He did have other wives, but Tiye was always the one he loved the most.  None of his other wives had things made for them.

The Buildings

The Pharaohs were famous for building lots of temples and statues for themselves and the gods.

Amenhotep built more 250 statues of himself and the gods.  Amenhotep III also had more temples built for the gods than any Pharaoh before him.

One of his most famous temples was called the Temple of Luxor.  This temple was the most beautiful in Egypt.

Amenhotep had a great temple built to show how great he was.  The temple was built right next to the River Nile, and it flooded.

The ruins of Amenhotep’s great temple can still be seen today.  Amenhotep also has two large twin statues built to look like him.  These statues were called the Colossi of Memon, and part of them can still be seen in Egypt

Amenhotep died around 1351 BC.  His time as Pharaoh was one of Egypt’s most peaceful.  Amenhotep was known for really liking art and great buildings.

Because he liked these things, his time as Pharaoh was one of the best for temples and beautiful statues.  When Amenhotep III died, his son Amenhotep IV was crowned Pharaoh.

Amenhotep Facts for Kids

  • Amenhotep’s name comes from ‘Amun’, the main god for the Pharaohs and the Egyptians.
  • Amenhotep had more statues and temples built than any other Pharaoh
  • The statues that Amenhotep had built were thought to be the most beautiful in Egypt
  • Amenhotep’s first wife, Tiye was not a princess
  • He was known as Amenhotep the Magnificent.
  • Amenhotep’s time as Pharaoh was thought to be the most peaceful.
  • Amenhotep would not allow the King of Babylon to marry any of his daughters
  • Amenhotep was about 50 years old when he died
  • The tomb for Amenhotep was in the Valley of the Kings.  Tiye was buried with him.

What did you learn?

How old was Amenhotep when he was crowned as Pharaoh?
6 – 12 years old

Roughly how many statues did Amenhotep have built?

What was the name of the river that flooded on Amenhotep’s temples?
The River Nile

Who wasn’t allowed to marry any of Amenhotep’s daughters?
The King of Babylon

What was the name of Amenhotep’s favourite wife?