Frogs and Toads

Frogs and Toads are amphibians that have different traits and they go through metamorphosis which is where their body will change over time.  Even though they are very similar, they are different too and we will learn more about that here.


Frogs have to live near water in order to survive.  Most of them are found on every continent except Antarctica.

Where Do Frogs Live?

Frogs like to live near water and live in creeks, ponds, swamps, marshes, forests and trees.

What Do Frogs Eat?

Most frogs will eat small insects such as flies, mosquitos, dragonflies, ants, spiders, moths and other insects.

Frogs that are larger will eat bigger things like insects, worms, grasshoppers and even other frogs.

Some frogs are known to eat things like snakes, mice, turtles and other small animals.  One interesting thing is that frogs will not eat things that are dead.

Frogs are carnivores which means that they eat meat.

Characteristics of a Frog

A frog has many characteristics that help us to know that it is a frog.  It has good eyesight and usually has eyes that bug out on the side of the head.  They also have great hearing.  This allows the frog to be able to hear when food is around it.

You can tell the difference between a female and a male frog by how big their eardrum is.  The eardrum is found behind the eyes of the frog and if the eardrum is smaller than its eye, then it is a female frog and if the eardrum is the same size as the eye then it is a male frog.

Frogs have strong legs and can jump far.  They also have webbed feet that helps them to be able to swim for a long time and fast.  Frogs can use their legs to dig underground so they can burrow, and they can use their legs to help get away from their predators.

Each species of frog can be different coloring, different sizes and have different kinds of characteristics.

What is the Predator of the Frog?

The frog has different predators, and these include birds, fish, reptiles, and small mammals.

The frogs that live in the rainforest will have different predators than a frog that lives in a forest or in a city.

Most frogs that live in the rainforest has pads on their fingers and toes that help them to be able to climb high into trees to get away from their predators.

Some frogs that live in the tropical rainforest will live in trees most of their life and will only come down to find a mate and to have eggs.

Other frogs have ways to hide by the color of their skin and by camouflaging themselves so that they are not seen by predators.  Some of them will dig in the ground and not be seen and others are colored the same as the leaves or the wood.

Some frogs are poisonous and can kill their predators if they eat them.

Frogs also have to be protected by people.  People can catch and kill frogs, eat them or destroy the environment that they live in.


Toads are amphibians just like frogs, but they are different because they have skin that is dry and has warts.  Most toads will have a crest that sits behind their eyes and will have glands that make poison to protect the toad from its predators.

Protection for the Toad

When a toad has a wart, many times the wart secretes a poison that is deadly to small animals and can make a human sick or even die.

Toads have this to help them to not be eaten by their predators.  They also are protected by the color of their skin which helps them to camouflage and not be seen.  If they are brown or green, they can blend in with their surroundings.

Toads that have bright colors have this as a warning because it means they are poisonous and most of the time they will not be bothered by predators.

If a toad feels threatened, it will puff up to make itself look bigger and to scare the predator.

Where Do Toads Live?

Toads live all over the United States and every other continent except for Antarctica.

Most toads like to live where there are open fields or grasslands and close to water.  They like to live in gardens and are helpful to the environment because they eat insects, some that are harmful to gardens and other things.

Predators of the Toad

The Toads predators include small mammals, raccoons, snakes and birds.

What Does the Toad Eat?

The Toad will most likely eat insects, small reptiles, small mammals and other amphibians.

Toad Species

Toads are all special and unique and each has their own characteristics.  Some are known to fight for their territories while others just like to hide and be left alone.

Some toads are small while others are large.  Some are colorful and some are just plain.

How Long Do Toads Live?

Most toads can live up to 10 years but there have been some that have lived up to 40 years of age.

Facts About Frogs and Toads:

  • The difference between frogs and toads is that frogs have to live near water and toads do not.
  • A frog will have smooth skin that is moist, and a toad has dry and rough skin.
  • A frog has a narrow body and a toad has a larger and rounder body.
  • A frog has longer back legs and the toad has shorter back legs.
  • A frog makes large jumps and a toad will walk or make short jumps.
  • A frog has many predators and a toad does not have as many predators because they have a better defense than frogs do.

What Did You Learn?

  • What is the difference between a frog and a toad?  The frog and the toad are similar but different because they have different body parts and different types of skin.
  • What jumps higher and longer a toad or a frog? The frog jumps higher and longer because it has longer back legs than the toad.
  • Which animal has to have water to survive? The frog has to have water to survive and the toad doesn’t.
  • Which animal has bumpy and dry skin? The toad has bumpy and dry skin and the frog has smooth skin.
  • Which animal has less predators the toad or the frog? The toad has less predators than the frog because it is built with a better defense mechanism.