Fowler’s Toad

The Fowler’s Toad is a toad that is fairly small and that is found in the United States and the Coastal Plains.

What Does the Fowler’s Toad Look Like?

The Fowler’s Toad is small up to 3 inches long and is usually brown or grey.  It can have red or green in its color or even some yellow.

Most of the Fowler’s Toads have a small stripe that is lighter down its back, but it looks like other toads in the area.  One thing that is different is that it will have 3 warts that sit on a dark spot on the back.

It has a smaller head than other toads.

Where Does the Fowler’s Toad Live?

The Fowler’s Toad is found in the eastern United States and in the Coastal Plains.  It has been seen in Florida, South Carolina and Georgia.  Some of them are locate din the Piedmont and lower mountain areas.

These toads like to live where there is water that is permeant and in some kind of wetland.  They can be found in ditches or close to large ponds.


The Fowler’s Toad will make a sound that sounds like a sheep.

Finding a Mate

The Fowler’s Toad will look for a mate in the spring or early in the summer.  They will do their call and the female will come.

The female Fowler’s Toad can lay up to 25,000 eggs at one time and usually do this after it rains.

The Fowler’s Toad will be adults when it is 3 years old.

What Does the Fowler’s Toad Eat?

The Fowler’s Toad is a carnivore which means it eats meat.  It will eat things such as insects, mosquitos, spiders, other frogs and things that do not have a backbone.

Predators of the Fowler’s Toad

The Fowler’s Toad has some predators such as snakes, birds and small mammals.


The Fowler’s Toad will release a toxin from the warts on its back and it tastes bad to other animals.  This can even be deadly to small mammals.

One interesting thing about the Fowler’s Toad is that it will play dead if it feels that it is being threatened.

Behavior of the Fowler’s Toad

The Fowler’s Toad will be most active in the summer.  They are nocturnal which means they are most active at night.

When they are looking for a mate, they are most active and will keep doing their call until they attract their mate.

Facts About Fowler’s Toad:

  • The Fowler’s Toad will burrow when the area is too hot and during the winter to hibernate.
  • Fowler’s Toad tadpoles will eat algae and they have toothlike structures.
  • Many different Fowler’s Toads will lay eggs in the same body of water.
  • The Frog was named after the naturalist called Samuel Page Fowler.
  • The Male Fowler’s Toad is darker than the female.
  • The Fowler’s Toad is considered a small species of toad.
  • When it is daylight, the Fowler’s Toad will hide under brush or plants.

What Did You Learn?

  • What is the Fowler’s Toad?  The Fowler’s Toad is a smaller toad that is found around the United States.
  • What does the Fowler’s Toad eat? The Fowler’s Toad eats small invertebrates, or animals without backbones, insects such as spiders, mosquitos and ants.
  • Where does the Fowler Toad live? The Fowler’s Toad lives close to waterways and will be found in burrows or on the ground.
  • Is the Fowler’s Toad poisonous?   The Fowler’s Toad lets out a secretion that will cause animals to spit it out because they don’t like the taste, but it can also kill small mammals.
  • What kind of sound does the Fowler’s Toad make? The Fowler’s Toad makes a noise that sounds like a sheep.