Wave Power

Wave power is also called wave energy and it happens when the motion of the waves cause there to be energy.  This happens when the wind pushes the waves to the surface and when the wave is bigger and stronger, it can cause there to be more energy.

Wave power

How Do Waves Help Make Power?

Waves help to make energy because when there is a large body of water, such as an ocean, the waves are bigger and they are all the time moving.  When the waves move, they can cause there to be energy and energy can be taken out of the movements of the wave.

Why is Wave Power Complicated?

Wave power is complicated because it is almost impossible to know which way a wave is going to go.  A wave can go sideways or up or down and it can go diagnol, so no one really knows how to track how the waves are going to move.

The only way that power can be taken from a wave is if it moves in one direction.  A turbine is placed in the direction that the wave moves and when the turbine turns, it causes there to be electricity.

What Ways Can Energy Be Extracted From Waves?

Since getting energy from waves can be so complicated, there are different methods that can be done to make this happen.

One way that energy can be taken from waves is by floating cylinders.  These cylinders are hooked together with hinges and they are connected to generators that are called hydraulic generators.  These generators are found in the cylinders.

When the cylinders float on the water, they move depending on how the waves move.  When the waves move in the right direction, it causes the hinges to flex and it moves the hydraulic generators and this makes electricity.

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Another way that energy can be taken from waves is by using pistons which are parts that move up and down.  The pistons are put under the water and are connected to a float.  When the piston moves in an up and down motion, it causes pressure to go through a generator and this makes electricity.

Why is Wave Energy Not Always the Best?

The problem with wave energy is that it can only be used when there are waves.  When the water is calm and there are very few or no waves, there is no energy that can be produced.

Facts About Wave Energy:

  • Wave Energy is a renewable energy source which means that it can always be replaced.
  • There are different devices that are used to get wave energy such as surface devices, underwater devices, and reservoirs.
  • Reservoirs work by taking in the energy when the waves go close to the shore and then back out into the ocean, and the water is pushed down a tube that turns the blades of the turbine.
  • Wave energy has been around since the 1800’s.
  • Wave energy converters are easy to put in and are found usually close to the coast.
  • It is expensive to put in wave power plants.

Bombora Wave Converter

What Did You Learn?

  • What is wave energy?  Wave energy is energy that is produced by waves.
  • Why is wave power complicated?  Wave power is complicated because we cannot tell which way the waves are going to flow.
  • Is wave energy renewable or non-renewable?  Wave energy is renewable because there will always be waves.
  • How can we get wave energy?  Wave energy comes by different devices that are placed either underground or on the surface of the water.
  • Where are most devices placed to get wave energy?  Most wave energy devices are close to the coast.