Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is energy that can never be used up.  Energy from the sun and energy from the waves are renewable energy because we will always have sun and we will always have oceans.

What Makes Renewable Energy Great?

Renewable energy is important because many people use renewable energy to power their homes, businesses and even their cars.

Renewable energy can heat homes, can power our electricity and can help our cars to run.

With renewable energy, the energy is never used up, but with non-renewable energy sources such as coal and oil, once they are gone, we will not be able to replace them.

Using renewable energy is a way that we can know that we will always have that source of energy to keep us running and it will never run out.

Renewable Energies

What Does Renewable Energy Do for the Environment?

One great thing about renewable energy is that it is usually clean energy.  Clean energy means that it does not have added chemicals and it does not cause smoke or smog to form when it is used.

Renewable energy is great for the environment and it can cause there to be better air quality and better water quality.

What Types of Renewable Energy Is There?

There are many types of renewable energy such as wind power, hydropower, solar energy, wave power, tidal power, biomass energy and geothermal energy.

Wind Power

Wind power is a renewable energy source that is used by the use of wind.  Turbines are turned from the wind and this gives electricity.


Hydropower uses water that is from a smaller water source like a river.  There are turbines that are used and when the blades spin, it causes energy.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is energy that comes directly from the sun.

Wave Power

Wave power comes by putting products close to the shoreline to turn turbines and the waves produce energy.

Tidal Power

Tidal power happens when tides move back and forth, and products are put into the water or on the surface to make energy.

Biomass Energy

Biomass energy is energy that comes from plants and trees and is burned, and this is converted into energy.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy uses heat that is in the earth and the heat can be used to heat homes, businesses and other buildings.  This heat turns into steam.


Facts About Renewable Energy:

  • Coal and oil are still used more than any other energy source even though they are non-renewable energy sources.
  • Most of the energy used in the world is used for electricity.
  • Using non-renewable energy can cause there to be a lot of pollution.
  • Some areas have wind power and solar cells in order to get their own energy.
  • More than 20% of all the energy is used to run vehicles.

What Did You Learn?

  • What is renewable energy?  Renewable energy is energy that can never be used up.
  • Why is renewable energy good?  Renewable energy is amazing because it can never be used up and we can always depend on it to be here.
  • What is clean energy?  Clean energy means that the energy is made without adding chemicals and without causing much pollution.
  • What are some different types of renewable energy? Some different types of renewable energy include wind power, solar power, wave power, tidal power, biomass energy, geothermal energy and more.
  • Where can we get some renewable energy sources?  Some renewable energy sources are from the sun, water and wind.