Grassland Biome

Grassland biomes can be divided into two groups:  temperate grasslands and tropical grasslands.  A temperate grassland biome is called a grassland because most of the plants in this biome are grasses.

The grassland biome has some of the best and most nutrient filled soils in all of the lands.  Temperate grasslands are sometimes called prairies and tropical grasslands are sometimes called savannas.

Grassland Biome

Temperature of the Grassland Biome

The temperature in the grassland biome differs between summer and winter months.  During the summer, the grassland temperatures are usually hot and during the winter, the grassland temperature is often times very cold.

The temperature in the grassland can get as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit and can get below freezing in the wintertime.

Rainfall of the Grassland Biome

Rain is very important for the grassland because the rain helps to grow things in the soil.  The grassland biome usually gets around 20-40 inches of rain per year, but this includes the snow that comes during the winter months.

Why are Grassland Biomes Important?

Grassland biomes are important to people because farmers often times use this land to help them to grow crops.  Since the soil is considered to be very rich, farmers are able to grow crops that can help them to live and they can sell them as part of their jobs.

Some of the major crops grown in the grasslands are wheat and corn.

Grasslands are also important because they allow animals to graze.

Characteristics of a Grassland Biome

Grasslands are most likely full of plants that are grown low to the ground and there are many grasses and wildflowers that are grown in the grassland.

Most grasslands do not have very many tall trees because there is not enough rain to help the trees to grow.

Where are Grassland Biomes Found?

There are many grassland biomes that are found around the world.  Some are in North America, South America, Asia and in places such as Mongolia, Russia, Uruguay and other areas.

Types of Grassland Biomes

There are different types of grassland biomes such as pampas, prairie’s and steppes.  The pampas are found in South America and they cover thousands of miles between the Andes Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.


The prairie grasslands are found in North America; the United States, Canada and even in Mexico.

The steppes grasslands are found in Russia, Asia, China, Europe and the Ukraine.

What Animals are Found in the Grassland Biome?

There are many different animals that live in the grassland biome such as eagles, geese, foxes, bobcats, snakes, rabbits, deer, mice, wolves, bison, weasels, prairie dogs, coyotes, antelope, foxes, gophers, birds, insects, horses and more.

What Plants are Found in the Grassland Biome?

Plants that are found in the grassland are trees, shrubs, oats, needlegrass, buffalo grass, shrubs, wildflowers, asters, sunflowers, blue grasses, needle grass, sagebrush and more.

Dangers of the Grassland Biome

The grassland biome can have dangerous fires because of dry grasses.  When these fires happen, they cause the older grasses to die and newer grasses grow.  These fires can cause loss of crops and can cause the homes of animals to be destroyed.

Grasslands menggu

More Facts About the Grassland Biome:

  • Prairie dogs are rodents that live under prairies.
  • Many of the grassland areas are declining because people like to build homes on the grassland areas.
  • Many endangered plants and animals are from the grasslands.
  • When a fire happens in the grassland, it can move faster than 600 feet per minute.
  • Only 2% of the original prairies that are located in North America are still around today.
  • Many of the grassland biomes are turned into farms.
  • Forbs are plants that grow in the grassland.

What Did You Learn?

  • What is a temperate grassland biome?  A temperate grassland biome is a land that is full of plants and grasses and has very nutrient rich soil.
  • What are some characteristics of a grassland biome?  In a grassland biome, there are many grasses, plants and very few trees that grow there.
  • Why are grassland biomes important?  Grassland biomes are home to many different species of plants and animals, and they are important to farmers because the soil helps to grow different crops.
  • What are two important crops that grow in the grasslands?  Wheat and corn are grown in the fields of grasslands.
  • What is destroying the grasslands?  People are destroying grasslands by building farms and fires destroy grasslands because they move so quickly through the area.