Global Warming

When the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere begins to get hotter and increases over time, this is called global warming. Global warming happens because of the levels of pollutants increases, such as chlorofluorocarbons and carbon dioxide. Global warming occurs so slowly that it could go up about 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit in ten years.

Global warming can be stopped by using energy sources that are renewable such as biomass, solar, wind, geothermal, and other clean energies. It is essential to stop using fossil fuels to slow down global warming.

We are seeing changes all the time with temperatures rising, glaciers melting, extreme weather, which is causing damage and floods all over the world.

It’s having and effect on wildlife and insects. It’s even affecting bees if flowers are blooming earlier. They have no bees to pollinate them. What happens?

As winter warms, bears can’t sleep, and not all American black bears are hibernating.

Birds are migrating each spring earlier because of warming weather [link]

These changes are caused by Global Warming or Climate Change. So, let’s take time and read why this could be happening.

Global Warming Facts for Kids:

  • Since the 1900s sea levels have risen by between 1.2 mm and 1.7 mm per year
  • The Industrial Revolution started in 1760, emitting fossil fuels from coal, oil, and gas into the air.
  • We have more Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than at any point in the past 800,000 years.
  • A carbon footprint helps to measure how much carbon dioxide is used.
  • Using solar energy and wind energy can help lessen the greenhouse gases used.
  • People help to increase greenhouse gases by what they use in their homes.
  • Volcanic eruptions release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  • Some scientists believe that when the temperature rises that it can cause oceans to flood, animals to leave their homes, bad weather such as flooding, and droughts and it can cause the ecosystem to change.
  • When the ice age happened, the Earth’s temperature only changed by around 5 degrees Celsius.

What is the Climate?

Climate is everything that happens around us that has to do with the weather.

Climate has to do with how hot or cold it is, how much rain we get, how fast the wind is blowing, and more.

Change Average Temperature

What is Global Temperature?

Global temperatures are when the Earth’s temperature changes over time.

For example, the ice age was one global temperature because ice once covered the Earth, and then it melted because everything warmed up and got hotter.

How Does Global Warming Affect Us?

Global warming is important to understand because even when the temperature of the earth changes just a little bit, it can change our environment.

What Causes Global Warming?

Global warming is caused by gasses that get into the atmosphere and cause the temperature to change.

Many scientists have studied global warming, and some believe that gases such as carbon dioxide cause there to be more sun and when this happens, it causes the Earth to be warmer.

Other scientists believe that global warming is just a natural thing that happens because of the different cycles that happen such as the water cycle and the carbon cycle.

Many believe that the Earth will warm and cool over time naturally and that it has nothing to do with what we do on Earth.

What are Greenhouse Gases?

6m Sea Level Rise

Greenhouse gases are gases that are used to help keep the Earth warm.  When there are more greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere, the atmosphere will continue to get warmer and warmer.

Some of the greenhouse gases are

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Methane
  • Water vapor

What Causes Greenhouse Gases to Release into the Atmosphere?

There are many things that cause greenhouse gases to be released into the atmosphere such as pollution, the heat from the sun, volcanic eruptions, and more.

How Can We Stop Greenhouse Gases?

emissions scenario

Even though there is not much that people can do to stop natural disasters from releasing greenhouse gases, we can help by being careful what we do.

Driving a car can release a lot of greenhouse gases and using electricity does the same.

If we can learn to ride our bikes or to walk instead of always using a car, this could help the environment.

Also, planting trees is a great way to help protect the Earth from global warming.

What Did You Learn?

  • What is global warming?  Global warming is when the atmosphere of the Earth gets warmer.
  • What causes global warming?  When greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere, it can cause the Earth to warm up and to change the temperature.
  • Is global warming bad?  Global warming can cause a lot of things to happen such as oceans to flood and droughts to happen.
  • Is global warming true?  Many scientists believe in global warming and many of them do not believe that it is real.
  • How can we help to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that go into the atmosphere?  We can help reduce greenhouse gases by using things that are safe for the environment, walking instead of driving, and riding our bikes.  Also, turning out the lights helps to save energy that uses greenhouse gases.