Earth Science

  • What Animals Live in Pine Trees

    Did you know that there are more than 100 species of pines? Pines are among the most planted and known plants in the world. They are cone-shaped fruits (are coniferous plants), and leaves that are needle-like make them recognizable from

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  • How Does Rain Form

    Rain is liquid precipitation that forms droplets that have condensed from the atmospheric water and bump into each other to be heavy enough to fall under the gravity. Water covers a large percentage of the earth, which also evaporates into

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  • In What Biome is Biodiversity the Highest

    Among the different biomes on the planet, which function as their own microclimates and biological zones, the rainforests continue to be the runaway leader in the most biodiversity. Rainforests are not only home to thousands and thousands of plants, but

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