Bullfrog for Kids

The Bullfrog is considered a giant amphibian and is one of the most known species of frogs that live in the North America.  Even though this frog is referred to as the American Bullfrog, most people in North America and Canada just call this species of frog the Bullfrog.

What Size is the Bullfrog

The Bullfrog is one of the biggest frogs that live in North America and it can grow even up to 8 inches or more and weigh almost 2 pounds.  The tadpoles of the Bullfrog are some of the biggest tadpoles that you will see and they can reach almost 7 inches in length when they grow.

How Long Does a Bullfrog Live?

Most Bullfrogs will live to be around 9 years old.  They are cold-blooded and most of them are able to find areas to live that can help to regulate their body temperatures.

The lifecycle of the Bullfrog is that a tadpole will hatch from their egg in around four days after it is laid.  It can take up to two years for a tadpole to become a frog and then they can live the rest of their life as an adult frog.

How Does a Bullfrog Grow?

After the tadpole comes from its egg, it will have gills and fins for swimming and breathing under the water.  They will eventually get four legs and a tail.  As the tadpole turns into a froglet, or a baby frog, it will lose its tail and will get lungs to breath out of water and go on land.

What Kind of Sound does the Bullfrog Make?

A Bullfrog makes sounds that sound like they are rasping or grinding.  When they do this, they are talking to other Bullfrogs.  Sometimes, they will make a chirping sound so that they can call for mates.

The sound that the Bullfrog male makes can be heard up to a kilometer around from other bullfrogs.

How Do Bullfrogs See?

Bullfrogs have great vision and they can sense vibrations around them.  Their vision helps them to be able to catch bugs and other insects that they need to survive.

What do Bullfrogs Eat?

Bullfrogs are considered predators.  They eat snakes, insects, worms, salamanders and even will eat other frogs.  They also have been known to eat algae, birds, fish and more.

What Puts the Bullfrogs in Danger?

Bullfrogs are sometimes hunted by people for their frog legs but they are also eaten by other animals such as birds, turtles, water snakes, raccoons and other animals.  Most fish will not eat tadpoles because they have a bad taste.

Where Does the Bullfrogs Live?

A Bullfrog needs water to live and so they are usually found close to pools, ponds, rivers, lakes, bogs or other sources of water.  They usually like water that is calm and warm and so they are normally found closer to shallow waters.

Most Bullfrogs need to be close to water because the water helps to make sure that their body temperature is regulated and it helps to keep them warm or cool.

What Causes the Bullfrogs Habitat to Change?

Bulldogs have had a lot of changes in their habitat due to things such as pollution, the water getting warmer and more water plants growing.  Most Bullfrogs will go to these areas because they have more protection from predators and it gives them a good place to grow and reproduce.

Facts About Bullfrogs:

  • Bullfrogs are important for medical because they have such an interesting skeletal, digestive and nervous system. They are used for a lot of medical research.
  • Most Bullfrogs will hibernate during cold weather.
  • Bullfrogs can bury themselves in mud and make a cave of mud around them to hibernate in the winter.
  • Bullfrogs hunt by sitting for a long time until their prey comes to them.
  • Most bullfrogs are active during the day and night when the weather is warm.
  • A female bullfrog can lay up to 20,000 eggs at one time.

What Did You Learn?

  • What is the Bullfrog?  The Bullfrog is one of the biggest frog species that is found in North America.
  • What is another name for the Bullfrog? Another name for the Bullfrog is the American Bullfrog.  Most people just call it the Bullfrog.
  • What kind of habitat does the Bullfrog live in? The Bullfrog lives close to water such as lakes, rivers or ponds.
  • What kind of habitat changes are good for Bullfrogs? Bullfrogs like ponds and lakes that have been polluted and have been taken over by water plants.
  • Are Bullfrogs considered to be predators?   Bullfrogs are considered to be predators because they eat other animals.