• Greater Plains Narrow Mouthed Toad

    The Great Plains Narrow Mouthed Toad is an amphibian that is small and is found in south-central United States and in places such as Mexico and Texas.  Even though this is called a toad, it is not really a toad

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  • Greater Siren

    The Greater Siren is an amphibian that is like an eel and is found in North America. What Does the Greater Siren Look Like? The Greater Siren is an amphibian that has gills and small lungs their whole life.  They

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  • Frogs and Toads

    Frogs and Toads are amphibians that have different traits and they go through metamorphosis which is where their body will change over time.  Even though they are very similar, they are different too and we will learn more about that

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