Scientific Classification

Scientists use classification in order to organize the different types of organisms. Scientific classification is used to group organisms in ways that they are alike.

This type of classification system helps scientists to be able to study different types of organisms and species.

Levels of Classification

There are seven different levels of classification. They go in Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species.

Even though there are seven levels, most scientists discuss two of the kingdoms, plants and animals because these are the two biggest groups.


Humans are classified by the same classification system. A human has a kingdom called Animalia, and the species is Homo Sapiens.

Remember, there are five other classifications for each group.

Order of Classification

The order of the classification is how it is listed above. It is important to try to remember that order when talking about classification and you can do this by remembering K, P, C, O, F, G, and S.

There are different ways to try to remember these, can you come up with some ways on your own?

Facts About Scientific Classification:

  • Animals that have exoskeletons are called arthropods.
  • Kingdom is the division of classification that has five different kingdoms: Animals, plants, Protista, Monera and Fungi.
  • When someone classifies something, the first word is capitalized and the second word is not, such as Homo sapiens.
  • The different orders of the classification show us how the organism eats, what kind of bones they have, what kind of food they eat, what kind they are, and what type they are.
  • Classification is also called taxonomy.

What Did You Learn?

  • How many divisions of classification are there? There are seven divisions of classification: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species.
  • What are the two groups that most scientists study? Most scientists study plants and animals.
  • What are some of the classifications used for? The classifications are used to tell us what type of organism it is, what it eats, what kind of bones they have and more.
  • Are Kingdoms divided? Kingdoms are divided into five categories: Animals, plants, Protista, Monera and Fungi.
  • What is another word for classification? Taxonomy is another word for classification.