Monera Kingdom

The Monera Kingdom is a group of organisms that are all bacteria or unicelled organisms. Unicell means that they only have one cell.

The organisms that are in the Monera Kingdom are simple organisms because they do not have a nucleus or a cell membrane.


Bacteria are the biggest known Monera group. This group of organisms can be found anywhere in the world.

They live on our bodies, in our bodies, in animals, on plants, and even in the air. Bacteria are necessary because they help to decompose or break down dead plants and animals and they also are great for our digestion system.

Monera Reproduction

Monera reproduces differently than plants and animals and they reproduce through a process that is called fission.

Fission means that one cell is copied and then it divides into two cells. This is the same as replicating something.

When this happens, the cells are not different, and it basically forms the same organism over and over.

Interesting Things About Monera

Bacteria that of the Monera Kingdom can live almost anywhere. They are able to live in really high or really low temperatures and they are not bothered by fast temperature changes.

Some Monera can move on their own using flagella, which are like fingers, but others cannot move on their own and depend on something to move them.

Some Monera can also make their own food, but bacteria cannot do this. Algae Monera can make their own food through photosynthesis because they have chlorophyll, and this gives them a green color.

Facts About the Monera Kingdom:

  • Some scientists believe that organisms from the Monera Kingdom are the oldest organisms.
  • There are two different kinds of organisms in the Monera Kingdom: Autotrophs and heterotrophs.
  • An autotroph is an organism that can create its own food.
  • A heterotroph is an organism that cannot make its own food and they get food by eating autotrophs.
  • Algae Monera is autotrophs that make their own food through photosynthesis.

What Did You Learn?

  • What are Monera? Monera is all organisms that are either bacteria or one-celled organisms.
  • What is the biggest organism of the Monera Kingdom? Bacteria is the biggest organism of the Monera Kingdom.
  • What kind of organism can make its own food? An autotroph can make its own food.
  • Where can bacteria live? Bacteria can live almost anywhere.
  • Are bacteria affected by extreme temperatures? Bacteria can live where it is very hot and very cold.