Fungi Kingdom

There are thousands of different fungi in the Fungi Kingdom and there are thousands of fungi species that have not even been identified.

Fungi, which was once considered to be part of the plant group, was given its own group because even though it is similar to a plant, it has its own characteristics that make it different.

Characteristics of Fungi

Even though Fungi look and act like plants, there is a major difference between Fungi and plants and that is that fungi cannot make their own food.

Fungi get their nourishment from other sources such as absorbing nutrients from other plants and animals.

Fungi live everywhere such as in the water, on the land, and even in the air. Some fungi are easy to see, and other fungi have to be looked at under a microscope in order to be seen.

Fungi are considered to be heterotrophic which means that they get their food through absorption.

Another considerable difference between a fungus and a plant is that the cell wall of a plant is made up of cellulose and the cell wall of fungus is made up of chitin.

Food Storage

When fungi store food, it is in the form of glycogen, which is a sugar. Since fungi do not have stomachs the nutrients are absorbed through the cell wall and enzymes help break down the food.


Some fungi are considered spores and many of these types of fungi are yeast such as bakers’ yeast.

Another type of fungi is called Club Fungi and this type of fungi is made from spores and many of these are mushrooms.

Zygote forming Fungi are usually found on cheeses and on bread, so when you see molding bread, you are seeing a Zygote Fungi.

Importance of Fungi

Fungi is important for many reasons including recycling, food, and medicine.
Fungi work with bacteria to help recycle dead matter.

Food, such as mushrooms, is made from fungi and this helps to feed people.
Medicines, such as penicillin are from fungi and this helps to stop sickness that people and animals have.

Bad Parts About Fungi

Fungi do many great things, but they also do bad things. Fungi cause food to go bad quickly and when food is in a moist place, the fungus will grow on the food and cause it to not be edible.

Fungus also can cause plants and animal diseases. Some fungi live on plants and animals and they cause them to get sick.

Even though some fungi can live with plants and animals, some fungi cause sickness.

Facts About the Fungi Kingdom:

  • Fungi are eukaryotic organisms.
  • Some fungi reproduce by spores.
  • The cell wall of the fungi is similar to a plant but because it is made of chitin, it cannot be classified as a plant.
  • Fungi reproduce sexually or asexually.
  • Fungi have a nucleus and it is extremely small.
  • Fungi store their food as a starch.

What Did You Learn?

  • What types of organisms do the Fungi Kingdom include? The Fungi Kingdom includes organisms such as mold, mushrooms, yeasts, and more.
  • Why are Fungi not part of the Plant Kingdom? The Fungi are not part of the Plant Kingdom because they do not make their own food and because their cell wall is made of chitin instead of cellulose.
  • How do Fungi get food? Fungi are heterotrophic which means they get their food by absorbing it into their cell wall.
  • Are all fungi bad? Fungus is not all bad, some fungus gives us food, and they are used in medicines.
  • How do fungi reproduce? Fungi reproduce through spores, asexually and sexually.

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