People oftentimes bump their heads, and this causes pain, but when someone really bumps their head or has some type of sport injury, their brain can do a temporary change, and this is what causes a concussion to occur.

Parts of the Brain

Our skulls are very important to our body because our skull is what protects our brain. In and around our brain are very sensitive things such as fluids and spinal fluid.

Our brains are also cushioned so that our brain, which is the control center of our body, is protected.

When someone gets hit in the head hard, the brain can move around in the skull and it can knock into the bones that are on the surface of the skull.

When this happens, a concussion can happen, and it can cause a person to have temporary problems.


Not everyone who hits their head hard will have a concussion, and most of the time when someone gets a concussion, it is not easy to tell, and the person normally needs to be seen by a physician to really say if they had a concussion or not.

Signs of a Possible Concussion

There are some signs that might signal that a person has a concussion, but the biggest and first sign has to be a head injury.

After a head injury, a person with a concussion might have a headache or a headache that gets worse with time, blurred vision, unable to talk clearly, cannot be woken up, unable to walk, or they might say things that are confusing or that do not make any sense.

Other signs of concussions can include being dizzy and throwing up.

It is important for people to be seen by a doctor if they have a possible concussion because they need to be treated properly when this happens.

What to do After a Head Injury

If a person gets a head injury, it is important to stop and to check on them, no matter what you are doing.

Any signs or symptoms or strange actions need to be taken seriously and the person needs to be taken immediately to the doctor.

Concussions can happen during sports, riding bikes, or even just slipping and falling.

Anytime you hit your head, there is a chance that you could get a concussion.

How to Prevent a Concussion

It is so important to protect your brain because the brain is the control center of your body.

Without our brain working right, our body cannot function properly. Protecting your brain is important.

You can protect your brain by wearing a helmet, by telling someone if you hit your head, by getting help if you are injured during sports, and by being safe both at home and when you are out.

Facts About Concussions

  • Our brain needs to be protected because it contains our hippocampus. A hippocampus is part of the brain that helps us to have memories.
  • If a person gets a brain injury, it can cause them to have amnesia. Amnesia is when someone cannot remember things that happened shortly or long ago.
  • Car accidents, bike accidents and falls can cause concussions.
  • If a person might have a concussion, the doctor will sometimes give a CT scan. A CT scan is a scan or picture of your brain.
  • A person can get a concussion even when they have a helmet on.

What Did You Learn?

  • What causes a concussion? A concussion happens when the brain is jarred, and it bangs up against the bone inside the skull.
  • What are some things that can happen if a person has a concussion? If a person has a concussion, they may vomit, have a hard time talking, have a hard time walking, and have blurred vision, to name a few.
  • What should a person do if they think they have a concussion? If a person thinks that they have a concussion, he or she needs to go to the doctor immediately.
  • What are some ways that a person can get a concussion? Someone can get a concussion playing sports, falling off bikes or even just falling and hitting their head.
  • Why is it important to protect your brain from injury? The brain is the central control of our entire body so it is important to protect it from injury.