Northern Broken Dash

The Northern Broken Dash is a butterfly that is in the Hesperiidae family.  This butterfly is found in the United States and Canada.

What Does the Northern Broken Dash Look Like?

The Northern Broken Dash is around 39 millimeters or 1.5 inches and is a brown butterfly with lighter brown coloring on the inside of the top wings and a darker brown border on the wings.

The male Northern Broken Dash has cream spots at the end of the wings and the female has longer cream colored spots.

Under the Northern Broken Dash can be seen brown or purple spots.

What Does the Northern Broken Dash Eat?  

The Northern Broken Dash drinks nectar from different plants but it likes pink, purple and white flowers the most including pepperbush, New Jersey Tea and red clover plants.

Where Does the Northern Broken Dash Live?

The Northern Broken Dash is found in states in the United States including Florida, Texas, North Dakota, Maine and can be seen on the Gulf Coast.  It is also known in southern Ontario, Canada.

Northern Broken Dash

The habitat of the Northern Broken Dash is scrubs or places that are close to woodsy areas and in fields and meadows.

When is the Northern Dash Most Active?

The Northern Dash is most active during June to August in most places and in May through October in the south.

More Facts About the Northern Dash:

  • This butterfly is considered to be a slow flyer.
  • The male Northern Dash will perch up 6 feet high in order to find a female.  This happens early in the morning.
  • Caterpillars of the Northern Dash will hibernate if they are only half grown.
  • The male Northern Dash has a stigma which is a scent patch that attracts females.
  • Some of the male Northern Dash has orange on its front wings.
  • The Northern Dash is sometimes thought the be the Dun Skipper and sometimes the Dun Skipper and Northern Dash feed together.
  • There is also a Southern Dash but it is darker brown than the Northern Dash.

What Did You Learn?

What is the Northern Dash?  The Northern Dash is a butterfly that is found in the United States and Canada.

How big does the Northern Dash get?  The Northern Dash gets about 1.5 inches long.

What kind of habitat does the Northern Dash like?  The Northern Dash lives close to woodsy areas, meadows, parks or in scrubs.

What kind of butterfly does the Northern Dash get confused with?  The Northern Dash gets confused with the Dun Skipper.

What is interesting about the way that the Northern Dash flies?  The Northern Dash is considered to be a slower flyer.

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