Little Glassywing

Little Glassywing is a butterfly species from the Hesperiidae family.  This butterfly is found in eastern United States and parts of Canada and New England.

What Does the Little Glassywing Look Like?

The Little Glassywing is a small butterfly with a wingspan of 39 millimeters.  This butterfly is brown in color with some white splotches around the wings.

The caterpillar of the Little Glassywing is tan or green and has a lot of small, tube like hair on it.  It also has a stripe that goes down its body.  The head is brown with black trim.

Where Does the Little Glassywing Live?

The Little Glassywing is found in eastern United States in states such as Florida, Nebraska, Texas and is found on the Gulf Coast.  This butterfly is also found in New England and in Canada.

The habitat of the Little Glassywing is fields, prairies and open meadows.

What Does the Little Glassywing butterfly Eat?

The Little Glassywing butterfly drinks nectar from pink, purple and white flowers including the Eutrochium, Mentha and Prunella.

Little Glassywing


There are two subspecies of the Little Glassywing including the Pompeius Verna Verna and the Pompeius Verna Sequoyah.

When is the Little Glassywing Most Active?

The Little Glassywing is most active in late June to the middle of August.

Finding a Mate

The Little Glassywing males will look at vegetation that is closer to the ground and stay there until the female comes.  They will wait until noon until they search for their females.

More Facts About the Little Grassywing:

  • The Little Grassywing has wingspan up to 1.25 inches long.
  • The male Little Grassywing has a black area on them that lets out a scent.  This is called the stigma.
  • The female Little Grassywing lays eggs on the leaves of the plant.
  • The caterpillar of the Little Grassywing uses silk thread and leaves to make a shelter.
  • The Little Grassywing has two sets of eggs each year.
  • The Little Glassywing has white spots on the bottom of the front wings.
  • The white patch on the antennae is found in both male and female Little Grasswings.
  • The females lay eggs that are circular and turn green before they hatch.

What Did You Learn?

What is the Little Grassywing?
The Little Grassyingwing is a butterfly that is found in eastern parts of the United States.

What does the Little Grassywing eat?
The Little Grassywing eats flowering plants such as joe-pye weed, milkweed, swamp milkweed, peppermint, and dogbane.  This butterfly wants to drink nectar from pink, purple and white flowers.

What is the habitat of the Little Glassywing?
The habitat of the Little Glassywing is in moist areas like bogs, gardens, fields and meadows.

What does the male Little Grassywing have on its front wing that lets out a smell to attract females?
The Little Grassywing has a stigma on its front wings that helps it to find a female.

What states can the Little Grassywing butterfly be found in?
The Little Grassywing can be found in Minnesota, Texas, New Hampshire, Florida and in parts of Canada.

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